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Hello, Welcome to Scrimmble
A beautiful blogging experience.

Beautifully crafted
blogs everywhere.

Responsive UX without
the need of coding.

Flexible & easy customizing,
anyone can use it.

We make the web a little more beautiful.
Blogging meets design.

Here at Scrimmble we believe that usability and beauty can, and always should, go together. We are currently working on a blogging platform like you've never seen before. We want a nine-year child to be able to use it, and a professional designer to be able to love it. With those two things in mind we're creating Scrimmble, a place where design and blogging meet.

How many people are out there writing blogs but don't know a single line of code? Exactly, too many. With our new platform you don't need any more skills than being able to get past a usual login page. No code, but still blogs as beautiful as you can imagine. Simple, beautiful and professional. The web will become a more beautiful place. Coming soon..

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